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Mezzomaths - Mezzo Maths Home

Alleviate the fear of Mathematics today!

Professionals dedicated to offering society a novelty and path-breaking method of Maths education —
friendly and entertaining methods are used to make children develop a love and interest for mathematics.


Mezzomaths - Mezzo Maths Home

The entire Mezzomaths Community has access to the Mezzo Online Digital Campus available on Android and iOS. Through Mezzo Online we ensure an uninterrupted connection and engagement among members of the community on or off-campus for studying Mezzomaths.


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Mezzo house limited; the organizers of mezzo math’s run a camp program for individual students twice a year. The camp meeting is held to train students from various schools in mezzo math concepts. The duration of the camp meeting is 10 days. The students are housed in a state – of – the art boarding facility and are fed healthy meals for a period of 10 days.

This camp meeting takes place during the vacation seasons of the mainstream academic calendar. During this 10-day students are taken through lots of activities that will build them both mentally and physically.

Students from the ages of six (6) years to 17 years are legible to partake in the camp meeting. It’s a fantastic experience for all the students who participate in these camp meetings.

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Mezzo math organizes two types of quizzes, the first type is the internal mezzo math quiz. The internal mezzo math quiz is the type of quiz which involves students from the same school participating against each other. The students may either be from the same class or different classes. They compete against each other and the winners stand a chance to represent their schools in the second type of quiz which is the inter-schools quiz.

The second type of quiz is the inter-schools quiz competition, this competition is between the winners of the various schools. This inter-schools competition is a keenly contested one that is held once a year. 

The winners of the various competitions get amazing prizes for themselves and their schools. All these help the aim of this competition is to boost the interest of all students in the school to take the study of mathematics very seriously.

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Mezzo math’s also organized funfair programs for its schools. This bi-annual event brings together all students at a fun location for several recreational activities. It’s a one-of-a-kind event that helps the students build social skills as they interact with other students from other schools all over the country.



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