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About Us

Mezzomaths is a purely mathematical programme developed by MezzoHOUSE Limited, a professional organization managed by a group of Ghanaian Mathematical Professionals headed by Bishop Dr. Peter Osei Akoto and also affiliated to the Ghana Mathematical Association.

We are dedicated to the cause of offering society a novelty and path-breaking method of Mathematical education through a vehicle called Mezzomaths. Solving problems in Mathematics have become a “monster” scaring both children and adults especially in Africa; and the failure of High School Students are as a result of their poor basic
education particularly with the phobia in Mathematics.

Research has shown that about 75% of children lose interest in solving problems in Mathematics before they get to age 14 where scientific research has also shown that by that time, they would have developed about 75% of their brains.

 This Mathematics phobia eats up the children into adulthood thinking Mathematics is the most difficult
subject on earth.

Since most instructors or teachers grow up with this phobia, imparting it to children becomes a bit of a challenge especially the methodology. Mezzomaths  gives both the instructor and the child an easy and simple methodology
or a way of solving Mathematical problems without using any device such as calculators or abacus. Children are trained to use both the left and the right brain effectively and also have fun whenever solving Mathematical problems. It also helps with their concentration, speed and accuracy, listening skills, mental skills, imagination skills and also boosts their confidence in all realities of life. By 2023 teaching and learning of Mathematics would become fun and interesting for all school-going children who will go through the Mezzomaths program.

Our vision is to train instructors to impart children with Mezzomaths skills for the development and expansion of their brain capacity.

Our mission is to offer Mezzomaths program to every school-going child in the subregion of Africa.

MezzoHOUSE Ltd. is the sole organizer of the Mezzomaths programme in Ghana, it’s a form of MENTAL ARITHMETIC that does not involve the use of physical  gadgets/instruments; it is solely done by the HUMAN MIND using the BRAIN’S POWER in performing calculations.

The program is directly relevant to the GES and British Curriculum which directly enhances classroom work especially with Mathematics and very applicable to BECE. In view of the above objective, instructors are trained at Mezzo House to gain the mezzo skill and knowledge to impart the students during Mezzomaths period in various partner schools. 

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Our Expert Team

Our Team of experts constantly evaluate the best ways to put your money to work, ensuring that you are always getting the best tuition from the most professional company in the industry. Our portfolios are completely liquid, and you can access us at any time. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Bishop Dr. Peter Osei Akoto

Initiator & Director
Founder and Director of MezzoHouse Ltd.

David Afriyie

Chairman of Gold Group of Companies.

Eric Amonoo Monney

International Relations Manager
CEO of Homebase Television Ltd.

Prince Evans Kingsley Hayford

M.Ed Mathematics UEW