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Mathematics and Industry

Mathematics and Industry

Mathematics and Industry Many areas in academia and industry depend on mathematical sciences to open up new frontiers and advance discovery. Research in mathematics contributes to advances in areas such as medicine, cyber security, weather prediction, digital data compression and mining, aeronautics, and computing, to… Read More »Mathematics and Industry

Some members of the Mezzo House Ltd. and The Gambian Study Team from Right to left as follows: David Afriyie, Chairman of the Mezzo House, Nancy Abuagy, Mezzo Public Relations Officer & Trainer, Bishop Osei Akoto, Founder of Mezzo Maths Technique, Dr. Burama L. J. Jammeh, The Gambia, Fatou Kenneh Sey, The Gambia, ……… and Ilolo Mezzo Trainers

Mezzomaths in The Gambia

By: Burama L. J. Jammeh, Director of Curriculum, Research, evaluation and Development Directorate, Ministry of Basic and Secondary [email protected] Mezzomaths in The Gambia Introduction This article presents The Gambia’s understanding of the concept of Mezzo Maths, provides historical background to the Mezzo Maths programme in… Read More »Mezzomaths in The Gambia