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Course Structure

The Mezzomaths Programme is divided into three basic parts namely:
Basic Mezzo, Elementary Mezzo, Advanced Mezzo

Basic Mezzo

  • Learning games and memory-building activities
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division without using calculators and
  • Visualization, listening, and speed calculation.

Elementary Mezzo

  • This level involves addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division without using  calculators
  • Visualization, listening, and speed calculation.
  • Application of Mezzo to Basic school examinations

Advanced Mezzo

  • Applying Mezzo Maths concepts to finding solutions to Mathematics questions.
  • This level deals with higher concepts of Mezzo Maths
  • Higher levels of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Divisions
  • Fast written calculations, visual calculations of higher level

Benefits of Mezzomaths

The MEZZOMATHS programme is purely mathematical and provides a well–rounded
mathematical education to develop concentration, creative thinking,
memory power, and logical reasoning abilities and to
boost confidence to face challenges not only in
mathematics but also in other subject areas.

The benefits of the program include,
but are not limited to the following:

Specific Mezzomaths Benefit

Builds solid foundation in Mathematics

Improves Mental Numerical Speed and Accuracy

Improves the student’s problem-solving skills

Provides an in-depth conceptual understanding

Fast-track mathematical concepts

Eliminate the fear of Mathematics as a subject

General Mezzomaths Benefits

Clear Memory

Heeding Skills




Rapidity and Precision


Mezzomaths helps the student to answer most Objective questions
in Mathematics. However, for the written section; a child is able
to determine the answer mentally before attempting
to apply the needed formula and steps.


In implementing the programme, Instructors will be trained with Mezzo Maths concepts which are supposed to be added to the main line of mathematical education.

The concepts will be used to prepare the child’s mental alertness for teaching mathematics, remove the fear of numbers from their psyche, and lay the foundation for learning mathematics.

We will enforce the introduction of mental drills to achieve this objective. If introduced effectively this would help the child to develop the ability to do critical and creative thinking, logical reasoning, memory power, and confidence.

Though the teacher is the conduit for transmitting this knowledge, he acquires new skills and develops more self-confidence in his field.

Practical Demonstration

Mezzo requests a practical demonstration to explain and prove some of the concepts as a way of unveiling what Mezzo is.

Implementation Details

The project is segmented into two parts and executed in a three years period. The details are as follows;

  • 3 TOTs ( Training of Trainers) and 3 Step down training
  • Year 1; 1 TOT and 1 step down training for Basic Mezzo
  • Year 2; 1 TOT and 1 step-down training for Intermediate Mezzo
  • Year 3; 1 TOT and 1 step-down training for Advance Mezzo


In conclusion, Mezzo Maths has been tried and tested in schools in
Ghana and it is doing great, currently, it has been adopted by the
Education Ministry in the Gambia where
Mezzo House Limited is deploying
its programme.

Finally, MEZZO HOUSE LTD. and your country’s education ministry will adopt
the policy of corporate governance throughout the implementation
process of the project. This will ensure accountability and
transparency in the management of resources.