Mezzomaths Program Launch and quiz finals hits the airwaves
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Mezzomaths Program Launch and quiz finals hits the airwaves

Mezzo House Ltd, organisers of the Mezzomaths program will on the 4th of July, 2019 launch the Mezzomaths program under the theme, “Mathematics, fuel for national development”.

The out-dooring of this program is the first major step to exposing the Mezzomaths program to the whole of Ghana and beyond since its inception in 2012.

The launching of the program will be coupled with the finals of the Mezzomaths inter-schools quiz competition between four schools representing the Ga East, Ga West and Ga Central municipalities.

The program addresses the mathematics challenge we face in Ghana, especially in this time where Ghana is been ranked last in major international mathematics competitions.

Mezzoamaths employs strategic activity based, problem solving & critical thinking approaches to harness the innate mathematical desires in every student.

The launching will take place on the 4th of July, 2019 at the British council auditorium, it will feature speeches from the minister of Education,Minister of Environment, Science and Innovation, Fmr Utag President and VC of Cape coast technical university. The quiz finals will also hold and be hosted by Lawyer Dan Afari (of What do you know fame).

We want to inform the general public that, this is a one of a kind program that has come to stay, and it’s a program that will transform every school going child in this country. It will make them fall in love with mathematics.

The program will be broadcast live on Homebase Tv and Facebook live (OFFICIAL MEZZOMATHS).

By launching Mezzomaths program, we are ready to spread to the rest of the regions in Ghana and further to the whole of Africa and beyond.

We therefore call on the government, municipal and district heads, heads of schools, parents etc. to put their weight behind this home developed program to change the face of mathematics in Ghana.

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