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Mezzomaths To Ease Teaching And Learning Of Mathematics

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The MezzoHouse Limited, a mathematics focused organization, has unveiled the Mezzo Maths programme, practical pragmatic teaching of mathematics with the aim of inculcating the love of the subject among learners.

Mezzomaths is a programme that uses the activity-based learning approach coupled with games that bring to bear the holistic approach to the teaching and learning process.

The launch of the programme was also characterised by the first flagship competition and the 2019 finals among four schools which are Roka International School, My Redeemer School, Crystal Heights, and Myredeve Little College. Crystal Heights emerged as winners.

Bishop Dr Peter Osei Akoto, the Founder of Mezzo Maths, who has been a mathematics teacher since 1982, said he has employed some strategies, which made his students perform well in the subject.

He said in 2012, he put those strategies together and developed them for use by both teachers and learners, making use of the various algebraic expressions to get to where the programme had reached.

He said the importance of mathematics cannot be overemphasized but its appreciation and use in the country has had a downward trend over the past years adding that the solution lies with the mezzo maths programme.

Dr Osei Akoto said the programme has been incorporated with methods to improve children’s retentive and photographic memories, speed and accuracy.

Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum, the Deputy Minister for Education, said the Akufo-Addo-led Government is committed to making the country, a mathematics friendly nation.

He said the Mezzo House Limited was leading the way, adding that;

“You are an organisation we will partner with because you are taking the fear of mathematics out of the minds of our students”.

He said it was important to ensure that the programme does not remain with only the private school, urging the managers to reach out to the Ministry for a partnership to extend the programme to all public schools in the country.

Dr Adutwum said teaching mathematics should not only be what the teacher is saying, adding that students ought to be at the centre of teaching and learning the subject, “I believe that is what Mezzo Maths is equipping you to do”.

Professor Joshua Danso Owusu-Sekyere, the Vice-Chancellor of the Cape Coast Technical University, said, although nature was established on a mathematical foundation, many people have an innate fear of mathematics, which ought not to be the case.

He said due to the fear of Mathematics and figures; many tend to pick up disciplines that they consider are rather easy and shun away from the physical sciences.

He noted that the development of the nation requires the presence of a critical mass of scientists, mathematicians and medical doctors.

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Prof Owusu-Sekyere said the Mezzomaths programme was a timely intervention to secure the future of mathematics in Ghana and Africa since it had come to help get rid of the fear of mathematics and figures.

Mrs Berty Buah, the Coordinator of the Regional Science, Technology, Mathematics and Innovation Education, said there are a number of factors that accounted for the failure of mathematics.

He said these included the child not studying, the teacher’s inability to better explain the basic concepts and the parents not making available all the tools needed for students as well as a society not making use of numeracy.

She said there is a need for parents to ensure that children have the necessary tools to enable them to better develop basic concepts of the subject and also talk positively about mathematics.

Prof Samuel Asiedu-Addo, the Former President of the University Teachers Association of Ghana and the Mathematics Association of Ghana, said children needed the motivation to take mathematics seriously.

He urged all stakeholders to support the growth of mathematics in the country.

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